Our industry requires a level of discretion and privacy that makes customer testimonials something of a tricky proposition. That being said, several people have felt so strongly about our services that they have chosen to leave us with the testimonials you see below. These testimonials highlight not just the range of our services, but also the often discrete nature of our work, and the level of competence, experience, and professionalism we bring to every client that comes to us.


On behalf of the South Jersey Paralegal Association Board and members, thank you for taking the time to present on this most interesting topic to us.

~ South Jersey Paralegal Association

I am an attorney who is frequently in need of the services which companies like Investigative Solutions provide.  I am pleased to tell you that they are our sole providers of such services, as they provide an excellent work product, are timely, are reasonably-priced, and communicate well with our clientele. I cannot speak highly enough about their services.

~ Law Offices of Francine M. Aster, Esq., PC

I used Jon’s company many times in my law practice to perform investigative work, as well as to serve hard to locate or recalcitrant defendants and witnesses. Jon has always persevered to get the job done, no matter how difficult the circumstances, and could always be counted on for excellent and timely results. He always answered phone calls in a prompt and professional manner.

Kathleen Martin -attorney

Thanks for being so efficient and easy to work with.


Thank you for everything. Great job


Dear Jon,

Thank you for locating my brother, it was the best present I ever received. I called the company to see if he lived in the apartment upstairs. The lady who answered asked who I was looking for, found out he worked there! She put him on the phone and I almost fell out of my seat! I was so happy to talk to him with tears in my eyes. Robert has been looking for me since 1990. He moved and lost my number because it was a private line. He will be coming to see me Saturday after Christmas and meet his great nieces and nephews. I can’t wait to be with him! Thank you again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Carol O.

Dear Jon and Ken,

Thank you for your time and professional help with this bump in the road of life.


Joan A.

Mr. Ken,

Thank you so much. I counted on you when I had nowhere else to look. I want to tell you how much that was appreciated.

Thank you,

Simone D.

Investigative Solutions operates with the professionalism and courtesy that you would expect from a firm of their caliber. Jon in particular was extremely helpful with my specific situation, and provided me with very promptly with clear, precise information. I am happy to have worked with them.

Matt C. – Freelance Journalist