Collecting Witness Statements


One of the toughest, and most time-consuming parts of case preparation for attorneys is taking statements from a witness or witnesses. Getting the most accurate, relevant information from any witness is a special skill that requires a careful and considered approach. That being said, sometimes attorneys deal with cases that involve large numbers of witnesses, such as often the case in class action suits. You can also have witnesses that only need to be called to give a sworn statement, not to testify in court, and these witnesses can be nearly anywhere.

This is where a skilled private investigator or investigation firm can help. In our case, we can take the bulk of the effort and expense out of collecting difficult witness statements. Our investigators are, first and foremost, very skilled at asking the appropriate questions to get to the heart of issue and get the information you may need. It comes with the territory.

Where we separate ourselves from the pack is our ability to accurately record statements not just through written records, but also through high-fidelity audio and HD video. This provides our clients with thorough documentation of a witness’ statement that can be analyzed and confidently brought into the courtroom. We can also take these statements on location in order to ensure total accuracy and completeness.


Of course, statements such as these often have to be backed up in court and supported by the investigator in question in order to be considered. Fortunately, all of our investigators are ready and willing to testify in any case as needed in order to ensure the statements we gathered are accepted by the court.