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When most people thing of tasks for Private Investigators, the typical service that comes to mind is surveillance. This of course brings up the classic image: the hard-bitten gumshoe in his boring brown car and boring brown trench coat, following someone at a clients request and taking pictures while remaining out of sight. While the […]

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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment Screening Screening potential employees has become a must for Human Resource professionals and business owners alike. Losing an employee is already a pricey prospect, and when you add in the cost of hiring and training a replacement it can become a serious drain on company finances. This makes it incredibly important to heavily screen […]

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Computer Forensics

Investigative Solutions LLC provides computer forensic investigations and data recovery services nationwide.  These services are an integral part of civil and criminal investigations involving digital evidence. Our services include information analysis and litigation assistance for attorneys, corporations, and individuals. Our investigators are able to provide detailed analysis regarding; web sites visited, e-mail communications, account information, […]

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