Mortgage Fraud Investigator Services

Dealing with Mortgage Fraud

Fraud is, unfortunately, an expected and understood part of doing business. That doesn’t mean that it has to be accepted, however. At Investigative Solutions, we are committed to helping businesses, financial institutions, and private individuals to avoid the danger of mortgage fraud.

Over the years, Investigative Solutions has become heavily involved in with the mortgage fraud investigation process. Our firm has assisted with hundreds of quality control audits, and assisted with the validation of countless potential claims of mortgage fraud in New York and New Jersey. A recent report by property data and analytics giant CoreLogic found that about one out of every hundred mortgage applications contained some measure of fraud. We think that’s still too high.

Our Mortgage Fraud Investigators Have the Experience You Need

Our mortgage fraud investigators have spent many hours assisting other investigative firms, private mortgage insurance companies, law enforcement, private lenders, title lenders, and other high-profile financial institutions with mortgage fraud cases in New York and New Jersey. We understand the rigorous requirements and standards of professionalism that mortgage lenders and others in the financial services industry require, and we strive to meet and exceed them every day. The expertise and connections we have acquired within this field are what separates us from the other mortgage fraud investigative firms.

Mortgage Fraud Detection and Prevention with Investigative Solutions

We understand the mortgage industry expects the borrower to provide true and factual information in all instances.   Through our investigations we have been able to verify mortgage fraud on applications for several reasons including:

  • Illegal Straw Purchases
  • Falsified and inaccurate employment information
  • Falsified and/or exaggerated income
  • Owner occupied residence irregularities (i.e. borrower never lived in the residence)

Hire a Mortgage Fraud Investigative Firm

Whether you are in need of trial support for an ongoing mortgage fraud investigation or believe you may a case of mortgage fraud, Investigative Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to get you the answers!