Attorney Private Investigator Services

At Investigative Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing trial preparation, surveillance, and other legal support for attorneys and other legal professionals. We know that gathering information for any legal proceeding is a most delicate task, and we take special care to provide each and every one of our legal clients with the professionalism, integrity, and discretion they deserve.

We also strive to provide the same amount of care and attention to all of our clients, regardless of the size of the firm they represent, or their particular legal specialty. We are committed to bringing this unmatched standard of professional excellence to any attorney who requires the services of a private investigator in New York or New Jersey.


Attorney Services We Provide


Like any good private investigation firm, surveillance is our bread and butter. Whether you need phone activity records gathered through mobile device forensics, or more traditional video or audio surveillance, we can provide you with the services you need. We have investigators trained in cutting-edge electronic surveillance, as well as more simplified visual surveillance and undercover work. All of our investigators and staff stand ready to testify or provide sworn statements  as needed.



Litigating liability disputes typically comes down to one thing: evidence that proves fault. Investigative solutions employs a number of investigators that specialize in liability investigations. These investigations are typically related to automobile accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, falling objects, motorcycles, and slip and fall. All of our finding are documented in a comprehensive report that needs minimal prep-work to be ready for consideration in the courtroom.


Corporate litigation is a very broad and dynamic slice of the private investigation pie. These investigations can be tailored to your specific needs in order to create a bespoke solution. While we do shun the “one size fits all” approach to any investigation, corporate litigation investigations typically include complete and thorough background checks for all principals and corporate officers involved. We can also provide surveillance of any persons, properties, or assets as needed. We believe transparency is of paramount importance in issues such as this, and our investigations help to insure complete transparency of all aspects of any corporate litigation.

Divorce, custody, and other domestic litigation reside in a very delicate and emotional area. Our investigators know what a difficult time . Infidelity Investigations are catered to the individual needs of the client and their attorney.


Designed to provide details at the accident scene. The process will provide information and photographs from the scene through the development of witnesses, terrain, and other site conditions.