10 Warning Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

women nervously bites nails as she suspects being cheated on

Nothing is more painful than suspecting your husband, wife, or loved one is cheating on you. Once you have suspected your significant other of cheating, trust and insecurities take over turning a rather rational person, into a frantic anxiety-filled individual. Every cheater will always reveal a couple of signs that should not go ignored:


  1. NO LONGER INTERESTED IN SEX. Huge red flag, if your partner is no longer interested in having sex with you, there may be a chance their interests lie elsewhere.
  2. HIDES CELL PHONE AND IGNORES PHONE CALLS Partners that do not want to be caught will hide any evidence that may lead to them being caught.
  3. EXCESSIVE USE OF PHONE AND/OR COMPUTER. An increase in device usage, especially late at night may be a sign that your significant other is talking to someone else.
  4. DRESSES UP MORE FREQUENTELY. Purchasing new clothes, wearing cologne/perfume, makeup, jewelry.
  5. SUDDENLY STARTS GOING OUT WITH FRIENDS. Spouses tend to start going out again to meet up with the individual you are being cheated on with.
  6.  UNAVAILABLE AT UNUSUAL TIMES. Sudden unaccountable time or where he or she cannot justify where they have been is an obvious red flag something is going on, especially when they used to be more responsive.  
  7. UNWILLING TO INTRODUCE YOU TO NEW FRIENDS. Possible overlap in friend groups / partners may lead to the big secret being revealed.
  8. ABRUPT CHANGE IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Carrying sexual traits from one partner to another is common for cheaters. Don’t be deceived abrupt change in sexual behavior.
  9. “IT’S YOUR IMAGINATION”. This is a classic line from a cheater! Once the cheater feels as if they have been caught, their immediate reaction is to put the blame on someone else.
  10. YOUR GUT! Please listen to your intuition; more often than not your gut knows the truth, you are just unwilling to accept it. If you have a feeling that your partner is cheating, don’t ignore it.

If your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or partner shows some or all of these signs it may be a sign he or she is cheating on you. Remember the most important sign you are being cheated on is your instinct, so listen to it!

Need More Insight on Your Spouse?

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