Mission Statement

It is our mission to bring each and every client a discreet, confidential, and satisfactory experience, whether they need a background check for a potential employee, information to settle a corporate or domestic issue or a digital forensics investigation. No matter what your situation, Investigative Solutions has the investigators and the experience to bring you the answers you need.

We take pride in representing our client’s interests with the same professionalism, integrity, and above all discretion that we would demand of someone representing our own interests. We strive to provide all our clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective investigative solutions. Above all, our driving desire is to protect our client’s confidentiality and provide them with the information and answers they need.

Confidentiality Policy

We understand that our client’s needs are sensitive, and as such the nature of our private investigations are sensitive. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry to insure that your interests are protected at all times, and never compromised. We maintain strict privacy standards, and only provide information to you, our client.

It is our policy that all reports, data, information, and physical and electronic recordings received by Investigative Solutions are strictly and wholly for the private and exclusive use of our clients. We also maintain the highest available levels of information security in our offices to ensure that any information we obtain stays secure and private, and away from hackers and others who may seek to exploit it.

Getting in Touch

If you want to talk in detail about your particular situation, or ask a specific question about our confidentiality policy, contact us via the information below. We would love to hear from you with any concerns you may have. We work in a sensitive industry, and we recognize our client’s need to ensure their security and their privacy are maintained.

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